My name is Michele Connolly and I spent much of my adult life feeling like a misfit.

After leaving corporate to complete a Bachelor of Psychology and write a thesis on personality and happiness I discovered: Weirdness, they name is introversion. Maybe there’s a sprinkling of charmingly neurotic thrown in there too.

In case you’re interested in such things, I also have a business degree (full disclosure – I literally fell asleep in a microeconomics exam), life-coaching qualification, and post-grad studies in business and professional writing. I’ve been interviewed on radio, spoken at conferences, and won awards for my psych studies.

You can read my coming-out-as-an-introvert story here.

My Louder Minds blog and Facebook community have helped tens of thousands of introverts around the world to embrace their introvert personalities, celebrate their strengths, and enjoy their pleasures – though quietly, and in a well-planned way.

I’m also a minimalist, over-thinker, sharer of micro-epiphanies, embracer of personal weirdness, and author of How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World.


We don’t have to hug or shake hands, and there’s no need for small talk.

But, you know, you’re welcome here.

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