introvert advice

Advice Column: Ask The Introvert Sage

Being Shellfish Dear Introvert Sage People keep telling me to come out of my shell. It’s very annoying, because I feel…

kind of introvert

People Will Find You Too Much Or Not Enough

‘Whatever kind of introvert you are, some people will find you ‘too much’ in some ways and…

introvert personal space

Introvert Dilemmas: When Someone Else's Child Invades Your Personal Space

I spend a lot of time writing in cafes. Mostly this works out well. I have a few favourite places where they take good care of me…

Kind Not Nice

If You Want To Be A Kind Introvert Then Stop Being So Damn Nice

The other day I was crossing a busy street at a walk sign. An old couple was also crossing, s-l-o-w-l-y. As I began to overtake…

Irreplaceable Chanel

In Order To Be Irreplaceable - Coco Chanel

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must be different.’ Coco Chanel

Introvert Minimalism

The Minimalist Introvert: In Praise Of Going Deep

I’ve always been impressed by people who can juggle a million things. Confident multi-taskers. High flyers with numerous…

4 Shoulds Give Up Introvert

4 'Shoulds' To Give Up If You're An Introvert

Are you an introvert? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others and the pressure of their demands? To go…

Introvert Versus Extrovert Trap

4 Reasons To Avoid The Introvert Versus Extrovert Trap

People like Susan Cain have done a lot to make introvert and extrovert mainstream concepts. This is great – it means more…

intrusive people deal introvert

Intrusive People: How To Deal If You're An Introvert

You know when my hair looks ridiculously amazing? Like I’ve stepped right out of a shampoo ad? Like I should be…

Underestimate quiet

Don't Underestimate Me Because I'm Quiet

‘Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and…