Zen Resolutions

How I Failed At Mind-Body Resolutions And Found Zen

One of the joys of getting older is making peace with aspects of your personality. Introversion is a significant one for me…

who looks inside

Who Looks Inside, Awakes - Carl Jung

‘Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who…

procrastination introverts

4 Procrastination Insights That Changed The Way I Work (Procrastination For Introverts Part 3)

You can read Procrastination For Introverts Part 1 here and Procrastination For Introverts Part 2 here. If you’re an…

Introvert Minimalism

The Minimalist Introvert: In Praise Of Going Deep

I’ve always been impressed by people who can juggle a million things. Confident multi-taskers. High flyers with numerous…

More Than Personality

We Are More Than Our Personality

This Louder Minds website is for introverts to understand ourselves better. To embrace our personal weirdness and accept…

Everything Is In Our Heads - Coco Chanel

‘Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them.’ Coco Chanel

Bliss Tori Amos

Maybe We're A Bliss Of Another Kind

I adore Tori Amos. Her unique enunciation and voice, her wrenching piano, her beautiful wild lyrics. It was through her song Tear…

4 Shoulds Give Up Introvert

4 'Shoulds' To Give Up If You're An Introvert

Are you an introvert? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others and the pressure of their demands? To go…

QUOTE Joseph Campbell

Being Who You Are

‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’ Joseph Campbell

Introvert Versus Extrovert Trap

4 Reasons To Avoid The Introvert Versus Extrovert Trap

People like Susan Cain have done a lot to make introvert and extrovert mainstream concepts. This is great – it means more…