Let's Party Introvert-Style

Let’s put on our party pants sofa chic wear and dancing shoes ugg boots and party like it’s 1999 mid-2016. It’s…

Quick, Hold The Lift For Those Strangers!

Oops – I *accidentally* hit the DOOR CLOSE button.

Caring For Introverts: The Phone

Before calling an introvert, ask: Is this textable? HINT: It’s always textable


fantastrophize (US); fantastrophise (Aus, UK): verb; fantastrophized, fantastrophizing launch into elaborate daydream…

Introverts Don't Get FOMO, We Get JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out

Introverts Don’t Get FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. We Get JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out. Louder Minds

Introvert's Guide To Networking Events

Here are the steps. Follow them carefully! Open invitation to networking event Carefully read all event information so there are…