Please Kindly Go Away, I'm Introverting - Beth Beulow

‘Please kindly go away, I’m introverting.’ Beth Beulow

While Being An Introvert

Introvert Pastimes

I have a cunning solution for #3, hiding from doorbell monsters. Giving me more time for reading, creating, and especially for…

How To Avoid Human Interaction

How To Avoid Human Interaction

Simple and practical solutions for all. I think the desk is my favourite! Source:…

Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds - Stephen Hawking

  'Quiet people have the loudest minds.' - Stephen Hawking

Introvert Fashion Guide

[INTROVERT DOODLES] Introvert Fashion Guide

I have to admit it – I’ll make introvert sacrifices for a cute outfit. But headphones, sunnies, phone, and book are…

Do I Look Like A Fucking People Person

Does It Come In A Forehead Tattoo?

Craig bought this card for me a few years ago. I feel it should come in a suite of options, including: Font – ideal for…