A place for introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a well planned way

This site is for introverts and those who are baffled by adore them. It includes life hacks for being a happy introvert, tales from the introvert frontlines distant sidelines, introvert humour and inspiration, and also some nerdy psychology stuff. The worst thing, possibly the only really bad thing, about being an introvert is not knowing you’re an introvert. Once you realise there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling how you feel, you can enjoy the many pleasures of introversion. And the pleasures are many! So let’s start discovering them ...



All Peopled Out: How To Recharge If You’re An Introvert

If you're an introvert you're probably familiar with what I call introvert overload. The feeling…

declutter epiphanies

The Joy Of Less: 4 Decluttering Epiphanies That Have Changed My Life

I didn't just get rid of surplus stuff, unworn clothes, and busted appliances. I released entire…

Introvert Style: My 3-Color Closet

I used to stand in front of my closet paralysed by choice, stressed by the pressure to pull…

Coming Out As An Introvert

Sure I experimented during my younger years. Even though I'd heard it would make you go blind, I…

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