I’ve got NEWS!! I have a BRAND NEW book: How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World. How cool is that!

I decided to bring you the lowdown on the book by conducting a little interview with myself. And guess what’s – it’s an exclusive!

Interview With An Introvert Author

ME 1: You’re looking particularly lovely today.

ME2: Oh, as are you!

*both blush*

ME1: So, Michele, why write this book?

ME2: Extroverts by their nature are more visible and vocal than introverts. They’re film and TV protagonists, darlings of the media, the ones we notice at meetings and dinner parties. Even how we picture happiness is an extrovert ideal – social, active, fun-loving. All this can leave introverts (perhaps half of the population) feeling there’s something very wrong with them. I wrote this book to share a glorious and liberating message: not only is there nothing wrong with introversion (it’s part of personality, not mental health) but being an introvert offers many pleasures and strengths. 

ME1: You’ve said How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World is a kind of survival guide for introverts – do you cover knot tying and constructing a camp kitchen?

ME2: You know, it’s really more an introvert handbook. For instance it helps introverts to:

  • understand and accept themselves – and accept others (extroverts!) too
  • navigate introvert challenges – like other people’s expectations, feeling overwhelmed, being misjudged, social demands, needing solitude, dealing with introvert overload, handling intrusive people
  • celebrate strengths – like focus, depth, minimalism
  • embrace pleasures – from dining alone to geeky solitary pursuits
  • laugh at themselves – there are enough super-serious introvert books.

In response to many hundreds of comments and questions on the Louder Minds website and social channels I wrote articles addressing the most common and profound issues facing introverts – I’ve reworked those articles into a nifty guidebook for the introvert life.

ME1: Kudos for using the word ‘nifty’ and being able to speak in bullet points! So is this a book only for introverts?

ME2: Introverts will want the book because it helps them feel good and enjoy greater self-acceptance. But parents, siblings, spouses, bosses, and friends of introverts will find the book helps them better understand the inscrutable introverts in their lives. I genuinely believe the message of this book can improve relationships, reduce anxiety, make people happier, and increase the level of self- and other-acceptance in the world.

ME1: And what do you have planned for book promotion?

ME2: So it kicks off with a lengthy book tour, followed by a bunch of TV appearances, back-to-back interviews on breakfast radio, a number of speaking engagements, and of course several book parties around the traps.


*both collapse into fits of laughter*

ME2: Well obviously as an introvert I’ll promote the book in a way that feel right for me – which means mostly via my keyboard. With snacks, of course!

ME1: You spoke twice in a row and I’m confused which ME this is now, so perhaps it’s a good time to wrap up. Where can people get How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World?

ME2: (or possibly ME1; let’s not quibble): The paperback and ebook will be available everywhere online from November 6. Or support your local bookstore and order a copy there. And enjoy being an introvert!

*both put sunglasses back on and walk away quietly*

Introvert Extrovert World

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How To Be An Introvert In An Extrovert World



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