My social sweet spot is two nights out a week, absolute max – it’s the only way I can avoid that stressy feeling of introvert overload.

This week I had dinner with an author friend and when I told her about my current project, a little book for introverts, she asked if there was a conference for introverts. My answer: Well if there were, who would go?

Anyway, I have a super simple routine when getting ready to go out but two things often make me late:

  1. Stopping to sing along with my playlist
  2. Not being happy with my outfit.

I’ve become much more punctual since I began selecting my outfit in advance (from my three-colour closet – an absolute introvert life-saver!) and putting it on this little valet beside my closet. It’s a good idea, no? I got the idea from my personal-stylist friend who sets out her wardrobe for the entire week on a hanging rail.

Sadly, the singing-related tardiness remains an ongoing challenge. 😬