Give Your Mother Time To Herself…

Flowers and fluffy slippers are lovely, but if the mother in your life is an introvert, then the gift she may appreciate most this Mother’s Day is time to herself.

You could organize for her to enjoy:

  • Time alone with a cup of tea and a pile of magazines
  • A bubble bath with a glass of wine and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door (that everyone pays attention to!)
  • A new novel and a couple of hours at a cafe to read it
  • A night alone to binge-watch her favourite TV show
  • The chance to go shopping and buy something for herself, by herself
  • A new album or audiobook and the time to go for a long walk alone and listen.

No doubt she adores her family.

But if she’s an introvert then the thing she may appreciate most is some solitude.

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Got more ideas for a awesome Mother’s Day gift for an introvert? Please let me know in the comments.