Louder Minds now has more than 30,000 Facebook fans! Yay us!!

With this milestone I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of person is part of the Louder Minds community – whether reader of the blog, subscriber to the Weekly Introvert Update, or follower on Facebook, InstagramPinterest, or Twitter. And from the majority of comments and interactions, I think I have a good idea.

I think this is someone who…

  • Recognises they are an introvert, or relates to some introverted tendencies
  • Uses this understanding to be happier, have better relationships – never to feel inferior or superior to another personality type
  • Has a sense of humor, isn’t sitting around waiting to be offended, is able to laugh at introverted quirks
  • Doesn’t use introversion as an excuse for self pity or martyrdom or preciousness, but instead wants to enjoy the pleasures and cultivate the strengths of this temperament (or as I like to say, embrace your personal weirdness)
  • Is outstandingly intelligent and good looking, obviously.

What a wonderful tribe to be part of!

Thank you so much for your part in the Louder Minds community – for your likes and reactions, your comments and shares, and the generous way so many of you talk about your own experiences.

As a typical introvert, I’m not a group person at all – but I feel very happy to be part of this group.

Again, thank you!

M x