Smart Company recently published an article called 8 reasons why introverts are great leaders.

Below I’ve listed for you those 8 reasons.

But more importantly, I’ve decoded for you the subtext – the underlying real, secret reasons why introverts make excellent bosses.

But let’s just keep them between us. 😉

8 [Secret] Reasons Introverts Make Great Leaders

1. Introverts are always super prepared


Introvert leaders tend to prepare thoroughly before they arrive at meetings and conferences.

This is partly because they overthink and overanalyze everything, occasionally chewing off fingernails and losing hair in clumps in the process.

But bandaged cuticles and surprising berets aside, boy are they ready.

2. Introverts host efficient meetings


Introvert leaders keep the agenda tight and the momentum flowing.

This is because they cannot wait to get the hell out of there.

The more efficient the meeting, the quicker they can get back to hiding behind their monitors and working alone in their offices.

3. Introverts listen to their employees


Introvert leaders will do anything to get the attention off themselves and onto someone else.

For this reason they are encouraging and attentive when others speak.

Anyone else got something to say? Anyone? Anyone? ANYONE??

4. Introverts encourage staff to excel


Well not just Excel, but any spreadsheet package. In fact any software.

Introvert leaders like to keep staff occupied with the latest programs and challenging projects.

This ensures less chattering and keeps the noise level down to a low, comforting hum.

5. Introverts are great at building long-term relationships


Introvert leaders are highly adept at dodging small talk and chit-chat.

This means short-term employees may never actually get to speak to them.

In fact, it’s only after people have been with the company for a while that introvert leaders find something genuine and meaningful to talk to them about. But quietly.

6. Introverts get stuff done


Introvert leaders are super focused and tend to really power through.

You name it – entire series on Netflix, hefty novels, creative projects, and prodigious amounts of snacks.

Their solid training in these areas helps to make introvert leaders highly effective at getting work stuff done, too.

7. Introverts are very thorough


Introvert leaders don’t take short cuts. This is especially true if it means they might run into others from the office.

They’ll happily take the long, winding, savagely overgrown road that’s much, much, much less travelled.

Which makes them extremely diligent and may also explain why they return from lunch with all those scratches.

8. Introverts minimise conflicts


If there’s drama happening or confrontation brewing, you can count on introvert leaders to be far away.

This lets them avoid the brouhaha and focus instead on strategic thinking, excellent work, and meaningful relationships.

Which is precisely how they become such awesome introvert leaders in the first place.

You can read the original, un-decoded article here.