Pictures of reading nooks are basically introvert porn, right? There’s such pleasure in looking at a cosy corner and imagining yourself curled up there with a good book and a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate within easy reach. Or possibly a glass of wine or a single malt.

My personal must-haves for a reading nook include:

Comfortable, supportive armchair and cushions

I like to sit upright with my legs crossed under me, so I prefer good back support over squishy lounginess. But I totally get the squishy appeal! A breakfast cushion offers me just enough added comfort.

Directional lamp

Especially important for those overcast days, or reading into the evening…

Side tables

I enjoy sipping a cup of strong, delicious coffee while a I read. And if reading for work, I also like to have my Moleskine notebook, pen, phone, and MacBook at hand. My one-seater sofa has wide, flat arms that function as perfect little built-in side tables.

What would you add?

You can see my personal reading/research nook in the image above.