You know when people say they’ve had a 50% increase in whatever and it sounds huge? Well, guess what? I’ve had a 50% increase in @louderminds Twitter followers!

That’s right peeps, my strategy of doing almost nothing has paid off and catapulted me from 10 to an impressive 15 avid* Twitter followers in mere weeks (*no actual evidence of avidness).

It’s a lot of pressure to wake each morning and know my score of fans is waiting, longing, hungry to hear from me. Or maybe it’s just me who’s hungry. I do love my breakfast of hot grainy toast and melty butter with a double-shot flat white. *drools*

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Obviously I’m now thinking of starting a social media guru program to teach others the secrets of my success. Who’s in?

But no I really just wanted to let you know that Louder Minds is out there – you know, out there in a fairly quiet, introverted way.

As well as Twitter you can also find Louder Minds on Instagram, Pinterest, and of course the Facebook Page and Group.

If you’re there too, come say hi! Or just lurk quietly and give a small wave.

That’s what I’ll be doing. 😊

PS Yes I know a score is 20. I rounded up. What’s your point?