Many introverts are voracious readers.

But tablet or book – what’s your preference?

Psyblog reports a new study that suggests your choice of reading format can affect your thinking and understanding.

Screen reading seems to be good for concrete comprehension. But for more abstract thinking, for making a leap of understanding, people do better when reading from paper.

I still read novels and non-fiction books the old-school way. I enjoy the smell and tactile pleasure of a book in my hands. Plus I guess I have decades of pleasurable associations with books!

I skim articles online. But if I really want to learn something I’ve always needed to print the material out – and now I know why!

I’d love to know what your experience is. Do you prefer to read on paper or screen? Physical book or tablet? And do you notice a difference in the way you process what you read?

You can read more about the study here.