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Today is the day I finally start eating better. I’ve talked about it for ages, but today it HAPPENS. I’m really doing it this time.

It’s perfect. It’s Monday. A new week, a new beginning. It just feels right.

I mean it’s not like my diet is that bad to begin with. I’ve been having green smoothies for years – who knew peppermint-chocolate milkshakes didn’t count?

Also, I think I have a kale deficiency, so this will make me feel better.

This time, nothing can stop me.

If anything could stop me, which it totally can’t, it would be all the junk food in the kitchen. It’s not a problem, but if I got rid of that stuff I’d have a psychological edge.

Maybe I should finish the junk food today and start eating better tomorrow, when there’s no temptation right here in the house.

Yes. It will be a last hurrah. I’ll eat it today because of the starving children, and then it will be gone and I can concentrate on all the kale and the activated almonds from tomorrow.

Good plan.


I’m so ready to do this.

Now that I’ve got this new software nothing can hold me back.

Writing a novel is hard. All those hours in front of a blank screen, waiting for inspiration. Having the right software is crucial.

Just imagine how productive Dickens or Austen or Trollope could have been if they’d had a really excellent writing program. Would’ve made all the difference – they might have really gotten somewhere.

Well, now it’s my turn.

I wonder if I should use my initials like JK Rowling. Or maybe three initials is better – JRR Tolkien. Hmmm… That’s worth considering. I don’t have a second-middle name, though, so that’s a problem. I should work out which third initial works best with my name.

Once I’ve got that sorted, then my mind will be free to write. A writer needs clarity, after all, so I should sort out the initials question initially haha.

Oh that’s good, I should put that in my novel.

Tomorrow for sure.


Welcome to the new me! The me that walks 10,000 steps every day. It shouldn’t be too hard if I just take the stairs instead of the elevator, and go for a stroll at lunch time, and walk to the shops instead of driving.

It will all be so easy and motivating with my brand new fitness tracker.

I did wonder if I should have bought the next model up. That one has tons more features. I don’t know what they do, but I’m positive they make a big difference. Probably exactly the difference I need.

Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll go buy the next model today so I’m ready to start my 10,000 steps with the extra features in place tomorrow. Those extra features will give me the edge I need. Better drive though, so I can get it faster.

Tomorrow it is, then.


From today I’m giving up drinking cold turkey. It makes a horrible smoothie, even with the stuffing. Bahahahahaha.

Seriously, though – from today, no drinking during the week. That’s not so hard. I’ve got this.

I must confess, I’m a little concerned about the antioxidants. All the red wine has been keeping my body highly antioxidized, and who knows what effect it could have to just stop abruptly like that.

It could be irresponsible. There may be essential physical functions in my body that rely on that steady stream of antioxidants. Imagine my embarrassment if cutting out the weekday wine leads to a health crisis.

Doctor: You can’t just cut out antioxidants like that, madame, the body needs them to function.
Me: Oh sir I did not know! How I wish I had thought twice before making this foolhardy decision.

No, this has been a close call and I’m glad I’ve taken the time to think it through and proceed with the necessary caution. I should do some research first.

Let me just pour a nice big Shiraz and get my iPad.


Today is the d— oh fuck it. It’s Friday.

I’ll think about it on Monday.


Seriously Though…

After 10 years of working from home I’ve had some pretty cool epiphanies about procrastination, especially for introverts like me.

Look out for those in Procrastination For Introverts Part 3: 4 Procrastination Insights That Changed The Way I Work, next week.

Obviously I need to put off writing it!

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