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Here Are 15 High-Quality Things I Achieved When I Should Have Been Working*

  1. Considered the pros and cons of getting another Siamese fighting fish.
  2. Remembered the scores of tiny fish carcasses I’d disposed of over the years, and thought, Yeah maybe no.
  3. Contemplated switching careers and becoming an infographic designer.
  4. Failed to create even the most basic infographic and abandoned the effort in a blaze of obscenities.
  5. Repurposed an empty candle holder as a hair clip dispenser.
  6. Found I only had two hair clips, which looked tragic in the repurposed candle holder and made me sad.
  7. Cheered myself up with a snack of sweet potato crisps, using a tiny bowl to keep my portion size small.
  8. Refilled the bowl 17 times.
  9. Lay down and rubbed my tummy while deciding to never again keep sweet potato crisps in the house.
  10. Wrote this.
  11. Researched getting a turtle.
  12. Did the menu planning for dinner. (Planned to order New York and Casablanca from the menu at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen. Secret ingredient: ask for the pizzas to be well done.)
  13. Fell into the Facebook vortex. Made hilarious and not-at-all obnoxious comments on friends’ posts.
  14. Forgot that Craig was recording a podcast and belted out a colossally off-key rendition of I Knew You Were Waiting.
  15. Put sweet potato crisps on the shopping list.

Procrastination For Creative Writers

If you struggle with procrastination, this course sounds perfect. I’m enrolling today tomorrow!

 Cartoon credit: Tom Gauld

Coming Soon: Procrastination For Introverts Part 3

If you’d like some actual strategies for making peace with procrastination, then look out for the final part in this series later this week:

Procrastination For Introverts Part 3:
4 Procrastination Insights That Changed The Way I Work.

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